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WELLNESS PURE-HEALTH ™ deals with the health and fitness sector, because when speaking of well-being, you cannot overlook an element of vital importance: the healthiness of the environment. The search for harmony of body and mind currently involves a large category of people who attend gyms, pools and fitness centers: this is why protecting hygiene is crucially important, particularly in these environments. The hot and humid conditions of gyms and spas, typically frequented by a multitude of people are, in fact, an ideal place for the proliferation of fungi, bacteria, viruses and unpleasant smells. Normal cleaning operations, i.e. the mechanical removal of dirt, are not sufficient to ensure a safe environment and a more effective sanitization must be implemented — a process that involves a high quality disinfection to remove microbial, viral and fungal loads that are harmful to human health. Research in this sector shows that a major concern of those who attend gyms for a workout, or spas to cleanse themselves and relax, are looking for an environment that protects their all-round physical well-being. Therefore, companies that choose the PURE-HEALTH™ biocide system for its high standards of sanitation are able to raise their profile and give added value to the services they already offer.