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PURE-HEALTH is an innovation in sanitation.

A system consisting of photocatalytic wall and floor covers that are always active 24 hours a day and are able, in the first 90 minutes of use, to eliminate more than 99% of viruses, bacteria and mold present in the environment, and completely remove human intervention from the sanitation process.

Simply turning on the fluorescent lamps at full solar spectrum activates the photocatalytic process, allowing the titanium dioxide molecule to use its photocatalytic properties to generate ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species), elements capable of transforming harmful organic substances into harmless inorganic molecules

The product has biocide characteristics and, following the regulations and laws governing the fields of application, can be considered a guarantee for permanent sanitization.

This system is able to meet all of the requirements for an excellent disinfectant.

  • Fast acting and long lasting

  • Biocidal activity

  • Broad spectrum of activity

  • Non-harmful to humans and materials to be treated, when used according to the conditions of use

  • Ease of application

  • Quality and safety

  • Low operating costs

  • Chemical stability

  • Highly penetrative

  • Does not cause resistances

It also has other important benefits:


  • The environment to be sanitized is unlimited, the production cycle during sanitization is uninterrupted, and intervention by staff is avoided.

  • The full-spectrum solar lamps have a lower consumption than lamps normally installed.

  • The photocatalytic reaction does not consume the catalyst (titanium dioxide), so there is no need to replace the PURE-HEALTH module.

  • The system does not require any maintenance.



  • It has been shown that, in the first 90 minutes of using the PURE-HEALTH system, it is able to eliminate more than 99% of the micro-organisms present in environments where traditional systems are ineffective.


  • Constant sanitizing activity.

  • It is effective not only at the time of sanitization but it continues to work with the arrival of any external agent or event that would normally cause contamination.

  • The light installation of the PURE-HEALTH system contributes to eliminating the bacteria present.


  • There is no dispersion of polluting materials.

  • There is no need for supporting machinery.

  • Titanium dioxide is approved by the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration), therefore harmless to humans and is widely used every day as a food additive, in paint, in toothpaste and in a wide range of other applications.

  • PURE-HEALTH surfaces are safe to touch and there is no risk of dust being released.

  • The low consumption of the lamps used means that they are more environmentally friendly.

Health aspects:

  • PURE-HEALTH may be applied in the presence of people and food.

  • The full solar spectrum lamps used to start the process also increase endorphins and serotonin with beneficial effects on the human body.


  • PURE-HEALTH technology is placed in the supports of our partners resulting in innovative materials which guarantee a greater lifespan, flexibility and durability.