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The Pure-Health concept is a true innovation in the field ofsanitization. It arises from the need to fit out hygienically safe environments that ensure continuous protection.

The Pure-Health system consists of coverings and floorings made of PVC, resin and fiberglass. A molecule, Titanium Dioxide, has been inserted into these materials and, thanks to the action of a light, it is able to eliminate over 99% of the viruses, bacteria and mould present in the environment in which it is used.

Photocatalysis is a process that is activated by the action of light and air. These two elements, along with titanium dioxide (TiO2), trigger a strong oxidative process that leads to the decomposition and conversion of bacteria, viruses and fungi into harmless substances.

Photocatalytic surfaces prevent the growth of microorganisms and do not allow the build-up of the substances on which those microorganisms feed.

It has been shown that after just a few minutes, the Pure-Health system is able to eliminate harmful microorganisms, reaching a reduction of 99% after only 90 minutes.